Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Market flowers

Do not leave, my friend, do not
Leave me with just a glance.
Do not just caress me and leave
Do not just pick me up and smell
My fragrance and leave me back in the basket.

I have been plucked, tenderly
With care not to smudge or crush
My lovely petals even now damp with dew
I wait for thee to hold me to your chest
And take in deep all I have to offer
Look again at my colour, my grace and beauty
Smell me deep, my sweet scent

Let me adorn your beloved's head
Or soothe her eyes, still, in the pot.
Let me remind her of you, of your love
For all thats worth in the world is just love.

This is all I have to offer thee, my friend
My life, though it be brief.
Take me, my friend, let me be
A fleeting memory and later
Scatter me to the winds.
What more do I need
What more to fulfill
What more be the purpose of my life?
************ Balachandran, Trivandrum 25.02.2010